Hood River Furnace and Heating Installation

McDowell & Son provides professional furnace and heating system installation service, and we carry a variety of energy efficient heating systems from top name manufacturers that homeowners and businesses trust to heat their homes or buildings during the cold winter months.

Our trained and licensed technicians will design and install your new heating system based on scientific facts and testing that is supported by the Department of Energy, all utility providers, Energy Star, and Home Energy Experts. There are only a handful of companies that are willing to take the time, spend the money, and have the knowledge to design and install your new comfort system based on facts. By not scientifically testing, contractors are guessing what size of unit to install; how much air duct leakage should they account for; which rooms require more or less air, how to control humidity, and how to control air infiltration. Designing and installing your new heating system based on facts will ensure you get the best value for your money and that you and your family will be comfortable and safe.

Unfortunately, many contractors still install heating systems based on opinions and best guesses. To protect you and your family, McDowell & Son will meet the minimum criteria outlined below:

Computerized “Manual J” Load Calculation – This room by room scientific test will determine the right size equipment for your home. McDowell & Son will carefully survey your homes insulation levels, windows, solar orientation, and room sizes to determine the correct heating system.

Duct Sealing and Performance Test – Duct leakage causes a reduction in capacity, efficiency, and comfort. Proper sealing can yield energy savings, improve comfort, and much better indoor air quality. The typical duct system in a home leaks 25-40%. We guarantee that the duct system will leak less than 10%, or that there will be 50% less air leakage once the new system is installed.

Heat Pump Optimization Test – Optimization ensures that your heat pump and air ducts are working as an integrated system and can reduce energy costs, increase comfort, and extend the life of your equipment. This is important when new heat pumps are installed and as part of periodic maintenance.

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