December 17, 2010 in Energy efficiency

Tax credit for Energy-efficient existing homes

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So it looks like the the  $1,500 federal tax credit for Energy-efficient existing homes will not be extended into 2011.  Once the President signs today it will be final.  Here is how the replacement tax credit for 2011:

25C $1,500 tax credit for certain energy-efficient remodeling activities is extended for 2011. However, under the rules passed in H.R. 4853, 25C would be substantially changed (reverted to pre-2009 rules).  The rules are very complicated, so the following listed changes are just broad-strokes:  (1) The credit is scaled back from a 30% credit to a 10% credit for qualified building envelope components; and (2) Qualified installed property must meet increased IECC 2009 requirements, except for windows and skylights which must meet Energy Star requirements.  The installed property must be reasonably expected to last at least five years and must be installed in a principal residence. Building envelope components include insulation, windows, doors and roofing materials.  For other items, a fixed dollar amount tax credit is available: $50 for each qualified fan, $150 for each qualified furnace or hot water boiler, and $300 for qualified heat pumps, air conditioners, water heater or biomass stoves. Finally, the $1,500 maximum is replaced with a $500 maximum, with no more than $200 attributable to windows. The $500 cap applies back to the beginning of the 25C program, so taxpayers having claimed between $500 and $1,500 in 25C credits will not be eligible for 25C credits in 2011. No tax credit is permitted if subsidized by another Federal, State or local government program.

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