Whole-Home Air Filtration Systems and Purifiers

Want to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

At McDowell & Son, we are a proud installation service provider for the American Standard AccuClean Filter whole-home air filtration systems and Purifiers. With this type of air purifier, you can experience a home that is filled with clean, refreshing air. For instance, air that has been cleaned of 99.9% of microscopic particles such as allergens, dust, dander, and many other harmful organisms.

Accuclean Benefits:

With AccuClean, you and your family will enjoy the comfort that comes from knowing your home is clean from the inside out. For example, AccuClean can help remove the following harmful odors and particles:

AccuClean’s air filtration system is the industry leader in helping you breathe easier.

Benefits Of Installing Whole-Home Air Filtration Systems and Purifiers

The AccuClean filtration system is proven to help those who suffer from allergies and asthma. Specifically, by removing allergens that can sneak into your home, and circulate throughout your HVAC system. Therefore, those who desire to live a more toxin-free life will enjoy AccuClean’s ability to clean the air in a natural and safe way. 

As the system cleans the air in your entire home, it will cooperate with your already installed HVAC system, ensuring that clean air reaches every part of your house. Instead of facing the need to purchase air purifies for each room in your house, consider an AccuClean. Overall, it is a whole home system that will work efficiently and effectively to bring purified airflow to every nook and cranny. Moreover, the AccuClean system can capture particles as small as .1 micron in size and is 8 times more efficient than leading HEPA appliances. Indeed there are many reasons to use an air filtration system, and above all, it keeps you healthy.

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Are you looking to bring clean and healthy air to your home and increase your quality of living? If so, the professionals at McDowell & Son can help. We have years of experience installing AccuClean systems in a variety of different home types. Contact our team today if you would like to learn more about the AccuClean air filtration system.

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