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Hood River Heating Maintenance

Ask yourself this….  Would you buy a car and not change the oil?  If you don’t take care of your heating and cooling system, it won’t take care of you.  McDowell & Son Maintenance Agreements could reduce your utility bills and add years of worry-free operation of our home’s heating and air system. We encourage our customers to sign up for a Preventative Maintenance Agreement.


  • 20-30% Less energy use  A clean and well maintained system uses 20-30% less energy.  This savings alone can pay for the cost of your agreement.
  • 50% Longer service life Regularly serviced systems last up to 50% longer than systems that are not maintained.
  • Cost Effective A average of 68% of emergency service calls are a result of poor system maintenance
  • Cleaner healthier home Dirty, non-maintained equipment can cause dust mites and poor indoor air quality, aggravating allergies and causing illness.  It can soil your grilles, walls and furniture.  This increases the time that you spend housecleaning.
  • Projected equipment failure Our highly trained service technicians may be able to predict future equipment failure.  Since your system is well maintained, it won’t break down during busy seasons or other extreme weather conditions.
  • Happy renters Our agreement helps guard against downtime on your rental property.  Your system performance is monitored on a regular schedule.