April 29, 2010 in HVAC

Ductless Heating and Cooling System

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Last weekend at the NW Natural Home & Lifestyle Show we had several people stop by our booth with the same problem.  They all had baseboard heat and wanted to upgrade to a more energy efficient heating and cooling system but had no room in their crawl space or attic for running ducts.  If you or someone you know has this problem I want to let you know there is a solution.  In fact it is a economical and highly efficient solution known as a ductless mini split heat pump. How this works is you have an outdoor comrpressor and condenser which serves the various individual units placed throughout the house. Refrigerant is sent throughout the house by small diameter individual lines. Cooled or heated air is blown into each room from a fan in each individual unit. Ductless split heat pump systems have the benefit of being more energy efficient. This is particularly acute if the ductwork in a conventional system is not insulated. In these, energy loss can be as high as 30 percent. By comparison, a ductless split heat pump system loses only about 5%. You also have the benefit of using the system only in the rooms you use rather than cooling or heating the whole house. Ductless split heat pump systems also have the benefit of being considered easier to install. It generally takes two installers about one day to install most ductless split heat pump units. It takes about a three inch hole for the refrigerant lines, control cables and a drain for condensation. There is a lot of flexibility in design as well as ceiling mounted or wall mounted ductless split heat pump models.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Save Energy and Money on Winter Electric Bills
    You could save 25% to 50% on your winter heating bills, depending on the characteristics of your home.
  • Make Your Home More Comfortable
    An ultra-quiet fan evenly circulates air, eliminating hot and cold spots in rooms and improving the comfort of your main living spaces.
  • Easy Upgrade, Big Impact
    Installation is quick and simple, which means little disruption to your home. Plus, a more efficient heating system is good for the environment, too.
  • Smart Investment
    Many PUD’s have rebates up to $1200.00 and several units qualify for a federal tax credit, up to $1,500.
  • Get air conditioning without window units
    Ductless heat pumps provide both heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.

To find an installer in your area(McDowell & Son installs in the Columbia Gorge area) or to get more information go to the link below.


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