Air Conditioning Installation

At McDowell & Son, we understand you want your air conditioning system installed or replaced quickly and correctly. All of our technicians are well qualified to have your air conditioning system up and working in no time. If you want a system properly installed or replaced, we invite you to give us a call. We value our Hood River and The Dalles area customers and believe customer satisfaction is as important to us as it is to you.

Importance of Proper Installation

To ensure your comfort, McDowell & Son will discuss with you what type of air conditioner would work best in your home. There are different types of systems, and depending on the size or square footage of your house, different types may work better than others. Depending on the type you choose, installing an air conditioning system may also require modifications to the current duct system or other equipment upgrades. All of our technicians are trained to find the best way to install a system that is properly sized to match your home and usage needs. In order to properly size your new air conditioning system McDowell & Son will perform the following:

  • Computerized “Manual J” Load Calculation – This room by room scientific test will determine the right size equipment for your home. McDowell & Son will carefully survey your homes insulation levels, windows, solar orientation, and room sizes to determine the correct heating system.

Installation on…