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Enjoy the benefits of air conditioning and add a ductless heat pump

Enjoy the benefits of air conditioning and add a ductless heat pump

Enjoy the benefits of air conditioning and add a ductless heat pump You still have time to add a ductless heat pump to your home this summer and enjoy the benefits of air conditioning. Energy Trust is offering an additional $200-$500 bonus in addition to the $800 cash

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Energy Efficient Design and Remodel

Energy Efficient Design + Remodel Workshop Do you want to learn more about energy efficient design? Green Home Construction is hosting a workshop for homeowners who want to learn more about energy efficient technologies and building methods for a new home or remodel.  McDowell & Son will

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Did you make energy efficient improvements to your home in 2012?


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Federal Tax Credits Are Back And Retroactive To 2012

On January 2, President Obama signed legislation designed to avoid the “fiscal cliff” and keep tax rates from increasing for every American who pays taxes. In addition to its many other tax provisions, the bill retroactively reinstates the 25C tax credits for highly efficient HVAC and water

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Inspecting ducts in tight crawl spaces

  Claustrophobic! Terry McDowell smiles for the camera as he inches his way through a tight crawl space during an HVAC inspection of the ducts.

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Tips for a green home

[Via: Angie’s List Window Replacement]

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New Washington State Energy Code for HVAC

Don’t know if you have heard yet but there was a new energy code that took effect for homeowners in Washington State as of January 1, 2011. I think this is a step in the right direction and hopefully Oregon will soon follow. Hooking up a new

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Clean Energy Works Oregon soon to be launched.

Here is a program that will hopefully create jobs throughout Oregon as well as provide an affordable option for homeowners to make energy efficiency upgrades to their existing homes.  I’ll post more information as CEWO starts to roll out in the spring of 2011. Clean Energy Works

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Home Energy Score Program

This program was announced back in November and I never posted it but in light of the disappointing news with the Federal Tax credit for energy-efficient existing homes being reduced from $1500 to $500 I decided now was a good time to start spreading the news. Biden

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Tax credit for Energy-efficient existing homes

So it looks like the the  $1,500 federal tax credit for Energy-efficient existing homes will not be extended into 2011.  Once the President signs today it will be final.  Here is how the replacement tax credit for 2011: 25C $1,500 tax credit for certain energy-efficient remodeling activities is extended

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